Community Events

A community BBQ with entertainment at Lake Poway, sponsored by city and community leaders as part of the two-day hosting activities for the Special Olympic soccer team from Ecuador before they went to the World Games in LA.

After spending two days in Poway with special needs community members, city, and community leaders, everyone gathered at City Hall to say goodbye as they headed to Los Angeles for the World Summer Games. This trip to the USA was the first time on an airplane for some players.

Jack O' Smash was a community fundraising event to raise awareness of various service programs for the special needs community. Many dedicated community volunteers organized the event, including a 5K run and celebrity softball game. 

Pastor Todd of the Trinity Church in Poway invited the Vibrant Lives Special Needs congregation to an upcoming softball game with the Poway Padres. He explained that he had to look at the Poway Cup for a whole year in his office because they lost the previous year's game.

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