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The Mission of the Foundation is to continue its over 25 years of being an advocate for the special needs families' issues.


These efforts focus on:

  • Housing Options


  • Education

  • Jobs

  • Caregiver Support 

  • Social activities and sports for young adults

  • Community awareness and support​​

Foundation Goals for 2024

  • Continue to assist with the development of the City approved 60-unit site for the building of additional Affordable Housing Units. 

  • Continue to support the expansion of the SDRC vendored Esports program for the San Diego County special needs population established in 2023 into 6 new locations. 

  • Produce a promotional you tube trailer for an 8 part docuseries filmed in Poway to be called " Making a Difference" which will be based on the impact that a softball team has on the city civic, political and community leaders in offering their support.

  • Create a Special Needs Community PODCAST to share the background of efforts of many civic, political and business leaders in San Diego County in their support of events, services, education and housing for the special needs families in the  community. 

  • Assist with the opening of a SDRC vendored cafe site called Healthy Habits Cafe for breakfast and lunch in Carmel Mountain business park to employ special needs adults to prepare and serve food Monday through Friday. The employees will also be taught green waste management as well as farm to table growing of fresh food items to be served in the Cafe.

  • Establish a evening Life Skills Education program to be conducted twice a month for young special needs adults under the guidance and staff of Palomar College.

  • Continue with initiative to address lack of on-site health and wellness services for IDD tenants living in affordable housing complexes. 

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