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Our Mission is "Bringing families in a Special Needs Community together".

How does the Foundation make this happen? One example is:


We meet an interested group of parents that want to make a difference. Based on our experience in other communities we have found it helpful to: 

  • Bring our " White Board" to outline the concerns and goals for the community.

  • Once the priorities are agreed upon, a plan of action is written and then used as a road map for those involved to make things start to happen.

Family concerns usually center around:

  • Education

  • Independent Housing 

  • Jobs

  • Social Activities

  • Health and Exercise 

  • Community Support Network

The are many instances where the Foundation acts as a conduit between service providers and a family to solve an issue. Out involvement in the community has allowed us to create a network of important referrals for families.

If interested in learning more and getting together to see how we may be of help, please go to our contact page.

We look forward to meeting you. 


Founder President 

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