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Studies indicate that 81% of I/DD Adults over 18 years of age do not have a paid job.*

Of the 19% that do:

  • 35%-  receive  individual support

  • 36% - have a competitive job

  • 29% - are in a group support job

Jobs fall into these categories

  • Material Handling/Mail Distribution- 5%

  • General Office - 5%

  • Assembly Manufacturing - 10%

  • Retail sales/stocking- 16%

  • Food Preparation/Service- 21%

  • Building /Grounds/Maintenance- 30%

  • Other- 13%

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  • Identify existing resources and programs within San Diego County and develop relationships with these organizations

  • Become a Resource Center for parents to identify organizations to assist with possible career paths for their children

  • Create community awareness of the foundation as a Job Resource Center with outreach to schools, service clubs, and business groups.

  • Alliance has been formed with the Poway Unified School District to offer assistance with its business internship program for Special Needs students.

  • Assist with opening of a culinary, sanitation, Farm to Education Cafe on grounds of Poway Unified School district to provide training and jobs for adults with Special Needs. 

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*Best Buddies International

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