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In  2005 the Foundation met with families whose children would soon be finishing their continuing Education Programs after high school. They were concerned about the lack of  Educational day programs in the San Diego North County. As a result, a two day workshop was held to show this rendering of Next Stage U and gather input on the curriculum and facility design. Poway City officials were very supportive of the project and were willing to commit city

controlled property.

When the California government closed down the redevelopment agency program in 2012,

this project was not able to go forward. While disappointing to the community, the information 

gathered and the relationships that were formed were invaluable and  reinforced the need to

continue with the effort.

Since that time, discussions have been held with other existing programs to open a North County location which has been met with some success. Community surveys resulted in well over 125 interested families. 


With your support, the Foundation will continue with  these efforts to identify a suitable location.

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